Autogram Campus Hiring for Final Placements, Summer Internship & Live Projects

    Job Descriptions:

  • Final Placements - Job Description
    CTC: Rs. 3 - 6.5/- lakhs per annum
  • Summer Internships - Job Description
    Stipend: Rs. 8000 - 12000/- per month
  • Live Projects - Job Description
    Stipend: Upto Rs. 10000/- Depending on the performance

Registration & Video Interview

A lovely open plan office that you'll love going to each week!

Great places to eat and drinks all around us in Sector 5!

Bonuses for hitting key business goals - high performers are rewarded!

The chance to grow with a company that's doubling in size every 6 months (or less)!

Team party every couple of weeks in office or amazing places in Salt Lake!

Get a chance to win the "Autogrammer of the Month"!

Soumia Chandra

Marketing & Product Manager

“ AUTOGRAM's not like a “typical" office! It's more like a collaborative community with the freedom to express whatever's on your mind. A cubicle-free office & AMAZING people you can learn from and party with! What could be better? ”

Saaxchi Sharma

Account Manager

“ I'm even more excited to work at AUTOGRAM today than I was the day I joined. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's never, ever, ever boring! “

Saloni Barelia

Campus Program Manager

“ I learnt more in my first few months than I did in 3 years of college but what’s even better is that our office looks like a cupcake and we have more dessert breaks than lunch ones! How could I NOT love it here?! ”